SPIRITUAL HEALTH is the most challenging dimension of health to explain, as most of us are unaware of this part of us and it is the most difficult to define due to entrenched belief systems (from fundamentalist religious dogma to insistent atheistic fervor). In the attempt to describe the concept of the HUMAN SPIRIT under the constraints of man made language, or to communicate that which is perfect and whole with language that always has inaccuracies or differing interpretations is quite the challenge. Imagine the Spirit as this inexplicable energetic force that animates your physical body as a base for your understanding. Science has proven that ENERGY can neither be CREATED NOR DESTROYED, so there is a fixed or finite amount of energy in the universe. So then, when your physical body “dies”, what happens to that energy that animated and moved your body? We know this energy or “spirit” if you will, can’t be destroyed so it must return to some source or become transmuted into some other form. The fact is we do not have the definitive answer to what happens with the human spirit yet, and theories abound, but we must all come to the agreement that we are more than just an organic mass of bio-chemical cells clumped together as we all know this physical part of us returns to the earth once the energy leaves it. That collective amount of energy that moves all earthly and heavenly bodies or objects has been referred to as God, Allah, Yahweh, and countless other names throughout human history. Our minds have the innate need to “label” and “categorize” things, and how you choose to do this (as with all things) will contribute to your personal belief systems.  The important thing to realize however, is that ALL ENERGY in the UNIVERSE comes from the same SOURCE and this is why intuitively we have a “knowing” that all living things are ONE (which is the foundation of most spiritual and religious belief systems). This explains our need to BELONG and BE CONNECTED with other people, animals, plants, nature, and so much more. It’s why doing good deeds or acts of service for others FEELS SO GOOD!!! We are hardwired to COOPERATE, not simply compete; which is why power in numbers has always defeated the brute force of an individual’s will throughout human history. People are starting to wake up to this truth in ever growing numbers, and as a result societies, communities, families, and individuals are seeking greater SPIRITUAL HEALTH.

So then if we can all agree that there IS another dimension of our Beings beyond the physical body (no matter how you choose to define it, as you can’t get it wrong), and if we can assume that the natural or healthy vibration of this other “ENERGETIC YOU” or “Spirit” is HIGH which via our E-motions feels like what we know to be LOVE and JOY, then the opposite of healthy would be a LOW vibration that feels like SHAME or FEAR. The most important thing in your daily life is for you to FEEL GOOD!!! Circumstances in your life will change as everything does, as there will always be “bad times” and “good times” but YOU can choose to keep your spirit in a foundational vibration of love and joy regardless of what life throws at you in any given moment. The key is that your spiritual health, as with your other dimensions of health, must be kept in BALANCE

. We will explore these and other topics about your spiritual health as a component of your whole or “holistic” health in upcoming posts, so we welcome YOU and appreciate your presence, and most of all we are grateful you are joining us on this journey as knowledge is true power and together we truly can make the world a better place.

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