MENTAL HEALTH is only somewhat understood and a major “hot button” issue these days, as science is finally just starting to understand how the brain and mind work. If the brain is the organic bio-chemical organ of the physical body, the mind is the bio-energetic field that produces THOUGHTS and interprets our external environment with information from our 5 senses. The mind (along with the “gut”) however, also has an impact on our INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT via EMOTIONS, and is a conduit of sorts between BODY and SPIRIT. Now I know this may be a bit esoteric for some folks, but stick with me here and imagine the following analogy. If your brain as part of your physical body is like radio receiver (or the “hardware”), and your non-physical spirit is transmitting and receiving an invisible electrical signal (or “E-MOTION”); then think of your MIND as the VOICE or MUSIC coming out of the speaker as an intelligible message or THOUGHT. Even with this abstract explanation, it’s rather ironic that you must use your mind to absorb this concept; however if you understand it and it just “feels right”, THAT is the emotion (“e-motion”, or electrical motion) between body and spirit demonstrating this very seemingly complex principle. Make sense now?
Now having explained the above, it is important to note that like all communication instruments, the human mind can malfunction, give an inaccurate reading, become “uncalibrated” (or gets off track), etc. This in fact, happens to most all of us to varying degrees throughout our lives. If your BODY is sick from being unknowingly slowly poisoned with chemical toxins (ingested as food or via skin contact), or your bright SPIRIT is “dimmed” from a lack of any enthusiasm in being allowed to pursue your life purpose for example; the MIND may also not be at EASE (it may in contrast be in a state of “dis-ease”) and thus it will be unfocused and “FOGGY” or produce NEGATIVE THOUGHTS that do not serve you and which can even cause harm to the other dimensions of your complete whole Being . So your mind really can be as the popular saying goes, “your worst enemy”, as indeed ALL HUMAN SUFFERING begins in the MIND. For this reason, it is especially important and critical rather to take care of your whole Being, as true long lasting health can only be achieved with a comprehensive holistic approach. The result can be the difference between living a life feeling more emotions like FEAR or SHAME, or in contrast living a life dominated by more feelings of LOVE and JOY.

We will explore many topics of mental health as a component of whole or “holistic” health in upcoming posts, so we welcome YOU and appreciate your presence, and most of all we are grateful you are joining us on this journey as knowledge is true power and together we truly can make the world a better place.

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