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  • *Higher Energy Levels
  • *Stronger Immune System
  • *Improved Sleep Quality
  • *Stronger Libido
  • *Faster Recovery from Illness or Injury
  • *Detoxification from Chemicals & Heavy Metals
  • *Improved Digestion
  • *Clearer Vibrant Skin
  • *Decreased Stress Levels
  • *Reduced Severity of Symptoms from Physical Ailments
  • *Slowing of Aging Process

Electrons revolve around the brain. Concept of idea the power of mind.


  • *More Stable Balanced Moods
  • *Greater Mental Focus & Concentration
  • *Increased Ability to Learn & Greater Awareness of Processing Styles
  • *More Positive Attitudes & Brighter Outlooks
  • *Reduced Severity of Symptoms from Mental Disorders
  • *Increased Resiliency in dealing with Set Backs & “Failures”
  • *Greater Ability to face Challenges and Obstacles
  • *Less Worries, “Racing Thoughts”, and Rumination

Spiritual Landscape and Faith Healing as a Concept


  • *Heightened Awareness of Innate Personal Strengths 
  • *Becoming Aware of Passions in Life
  • *Living Life in Congruence with Your Life Purpose(s)
  • *Greater Sense of Belonging & Community
  • *Better Clarification of Personal Vision & Dreams

*Overall Better Health & Sense of Well Being (Priceless)


In addition Holistic Health Coaching goes even further in addressing the other less recognized 4 Dimensions of Whole (or “Holistic”) Health to include:

*EMOTIONAL HEALTH (Unblocked & Balanced Emotions)

*ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH (Impact of Work, Home, and Natural Environments on Whole Health)

*SOCIAL HEALTH (Affects of Relationships on Whole Health, to include Romantic, Family, Friends, Co-workers, and Neighbors/Community)

*VOCATIONAL HEALTH (Affect of one’s chosen Vocation on Whole Health)

What would your life LOOK and FEEL like if you were TRULY HEALTHY???

What is HEALTH?  Is it simply the absence of illness or disease? Is it attaining a certain state of physical fitness? Is it having a sharp focused mind and balanced moods? Is it feeling “stress free” and relaxed? Or is it feeling joyful from your career and/or social relationships? The truth is there are several dimensions to health (physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, emotional, social, & vocational), and when all of these are in BALANCE, you will finally know and feel on a very deep level exactly what it means to be truly healthy. True whole health is your natural state of being, and once you experience this complete balanced state of health, it can be genuinely enjoyed in every aspect of your life.

Physical Health is perhaps the simplest to address, as the human body is often the first dimension of health to display an IMBALANCE (or “dis-order”/”dis-ease”). The body gives us warning signs when it is struggling to stay in balance (e.G. obesity, low energy, infections, etc), from an onslaught of too many “stressors” for it to handle; and the body is often the last line of defense in showing us when the other dimensions of health are out of balance by making the body ill.

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With so much conflicting and overwhelming information in the public arena, it’s often difficult to know where to start in simply returning the body to it’s natural balanced state of health. We’ve all been living in a very TOXIC WORLD for the last few centuries that is getting exponentially worse with each passing year. It is for this reason that we must first begin with DETOXIFYING the body, to allow your detoxification organs to function at optimal capacity and to allow your immune system to rest from being chronically overworked and do it’s intended job in protecting you from the external environment. After detoxification and repair, we must identify ANY and ALL NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES unique to YOUR BODY (as everyone’s needs differ due to Biochemical Individuality) as well as identify and avoid any and all toxic environmental factors that are overwhelming the body’s natural ability to HEAL ITSELF and STAY STRONG (e.G. toxic “foods”, chemicals, EMF radiation, etc). In combination with a moderate amount of physical activity (or exercise), regenerative sleep, and proper stress management; the amazingly resilient body will begin to grow stronger and healthier than ever and your quality of life will improve exponentially.

***DID YOU KNOW? Even most athletes and bodybuilders consume toxic chemicals in their food & water daily and miss out on several essential nutrients the body needs to stay in balance; focusing mainly on macronutrients and hydration for external aesthetic appearances and/or athletic performance at a particular sport.

Any imbalance in the body ALSO AFFECTS THE BRAIN and thus THE MIND of course, which is why most adults (even those who appear fit and physically healthy) also suffer from one or more mental health issues to some degree. This may manifest as frequent negative thoughts or mood swings (and very often as SLEEP DISORDERS), OR in time as ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, OCD, “Brain Fog” and/or a myriad of other mental disorders.

Depressed Man with Problems holding hand over his Face and Crying occupied by Mind Blowing Thoughts

Once the brain is healthy, the mind can work at it’s maximum potential and reset it’s “default” towards positive thoughts and healthy balanced emotions (which almost ALWAYS makes coaching or therapy more effective), and indeed many individuals may experience for the first time in their lives after this life changing process.

***DID YOU KNOW? The EMOTIONS are your “personal guidance system”, or an energetic communication network between your body, mind, and spirit (the latter of which always seeks to keep you in a state of love and joy, which you experience as “enthusiasm”).

Your emotions cause a cascade of bio-chemical reactions in the body, and a bio-energetic reaction in the mind. Suppressed or blocked emotions and self-limiting belief systems can have a detrimental long term affect on your physical and mental health. Increasing your E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence) with balanced emotions that are allowed from a calm controlled perspective is also a major goal in holistic health coaching.

Thermal Images EMOTIONS

Your home and work environments can have a significant impact on your state of health, and can be “engineered” to keep your body strong and clear of environmental or emotional toxicity and your mind relaxed, focused, and refreshed. In addition, the natural environment can have a tremendous affect on your mind, body, and spirit; and learning how to get enough of the right kind of exposure can have a synergistic effect. With some “tweaks” or changes to your environmental health, holistic health coaching can have an overall even greater impact on your physical vitality and peace of mind. 

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Finally, your social relationships and current vocation can have a unknowingly powerful impact on your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Unhealthy relationships with no personal boundaries or powerful emotional bonds, or the lack of any significant personal relationships with other people (romantic, family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors) can drain your energy in the other dimensions of health. Similarly, a vocation or career that is not fulfilling and that does not utilize your greatest strengths nor reflect your biggest passions can be draining and your other dimensions of health can suffer.

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With a healthy mind, body, and spirit; and self-managed healthy emotions; improvements in your social, professional, and romantic relationships are inevitable and a greater sense of well being and fulfillment becomes your normal state of being. Much like the spokes of a wheel, EVERY DIMENSION of your health has an impact on the integrity of the WHOLE.



Unlike many other treatment modalities, you will have complete control over your health in just 6 to 12 Sessions. No paying for years of appointments with various professionals that end with little to ZERO long lasting results. After just 3 months of our Advanced Holistic Health Coaching curriculum, you will have ALL the tools needed for long lasting success and your whole vibrant health and  vitality will finally be under YOUR control rather than others or “fate”. We look forward to partnering with you on this life changing amazing journey!!!


General coaching methodologies have resulted in a general incredible success rate of 86%. Holistic Health Coaching, by incorporating all dimensions of health has a 98% success rate. When the client is consistent and committed, great success is inevitable. Let us guide YOU on your personal path to growth, healing, and prosperity NOW…

Value of Holistic Health Coaching


Annual spending on Health Care in the U.S. is now ABOVE $10,000 per person, but those with chronic conditions spend up to $50,000 per annum and have a significantly LOWER QUALITY OF LIFE.

American workers waste an average of 4.6 HOURS each week due to unnecessary problems caused by chronic physical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and mental health disorders (to include ADHD, depression, reoccurring panic attacks/anxiety disorders, and various addictions and their compounding health consequences). What is not often factored in is the cost of poor spiritual health (e.G. living in the past or future), or the cascading negative effects of poor emotional health on the mind and body. The state of one’s work or home environment and lack of time spent in nature also has an intangible affect on one’s mental state of mind, emotional stability, and even physical health. Even one’s personal relationships (or lack thereof) and career choices can impact all other dimensions of health. ALL of these 7 dimensions of health have an impact on one another, which often only becomes obvious after a physical or mental ILLNESS.

If you are self-employed can you AFFORD such a major loss of TIME and MONEY? Or if employed, though you may have health insurance provided are you so irreplaceable or valuable to your employer, that they can suffer such a loss?  In today’s global economy, very few have “job security”.

These intangible costs of damaging relationships with your family, romantic partner, co-workers, friends, and clients/customers are often just as great. Emotional extremes or “highs & lows” as a result of excess internal and environmental stressors , can also have a negative impact on your physical health, mental well being, and various personal and professional relationships.

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Some of the most successful athletes, musicians, and business people have professional coaches that maximize the impact their efforts and hard work have, saving them time, money, and a limitless amount of needless frustration.


If you keep doing what you’ve always done… expect to keep getting what you’ve always gotten…

Physical and mental health care costs, lost work productivity, emotional health challenges, and strains on personal and professional relationships can cost you everything you have…

Professional coaching from a compassionate experienced individual who’s “been there” and most importantly who “gets you”, is not only affordable and time efficient; but it may also be the best investment you’ve ever made for your overall health, productivity, joy, and sense of “inner peace”. Find out more about how to live the life you deserve, and start moving FORWARD towards your goals