ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH is much like our physical health in that it is a dimension of our existence we can detect with ALL 5 of our senses, and thus we think we understand it well. This “outer universe” composed of people, places, and things much like us is also both bio-chemical and bio-energetic in nature. It is critical that we live in HARMONY with this environment as we require its abundant nourishment via sunlight, fresh air, clean water, whole foods, and even physical contact with the earth.
When most of us think of “environment”; however, we just think of the natural environment and how it must be preserved and protected. Indeed most of us are aware we need to breathe clean fresh oxygen rich air, as well as drink and bathe in pure clean water in order to truly thrive. Unfortunately to the surprise, yet deep intuitive “knowing” of most, this is not enough given the challenges posed by our over-populated world of modern man-made structures. Since many of us increasingly live most or much of our daily lives INDOORS; however, we must also “engineer’ our HOME and WORK environments so that they have a positive impact on the other important dimensions of our whole complete health. Much of our home, work, and outdoor environments have been contaminated with toxic synthetic chemicals, and we are unknowingly also subjecting ourselves to dangerous artificial radiation from various man-made sources. Although this aspect of your health may seem the most challenging to address, as much is seemingly outside an individual’s realm of control; in fact it is the easiest in which positive changes can be implemented and results obtained in a shorter amount of time. Taking the time to commune with NATURE as often as possible, and to arrange our artificial indoor environments to resemble and reflect our natural external environment is critical for our body’s physical health, our mental state of well-being, and for inner spiritual peace.

We will explore these and many other topics about our inner and outer environments as a component of whole or “holistic” health in upcoming posts, so we welcome YOU and appreciate your presence, and most of all we are grateful you are joining us on this journey as knowledge truly is power and together we truly can make the world a better place…

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