PHYSICAL HEALTH is perhaps the easiest dimension of health to understand as you are SELF-AWARE of your physical organic body detectable by ALL 5 of your senses. Even with this awareness; however, the majority of us do not understand the variety of different factors that make and keep this amazing human body wholly healthy.

This near perfect bio-chemical “machine” is capable of truly incredible physical feats when trained properly, and it has the most misunderstood yet undeniable powerful ability to self-repair. Think about it! Your body has multiplied from a simple pair of organic cells, within the nucleus’ of which an incomprehensible amount of divine intelligence is contained; evidenced by your transformation into a fully grown healthy adult. Injuries are inevitable as part of the human physical experience, but the overwhelming amount of modern diseases are NOT part of the natural human condition. These biological diseases (or “dis-ease”, when the body is distressed or imbalanced) are the result of a build up over a lifetime of poisonous toxins from our physical environment (i.e. toxins breathed, drank, ingested, or otherwise come into contact with) that overwhelm the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Your physical body must stay in BALANCE from the following

  • Eating proper NUTRITION from natural organic sources
  • Engaging in regular MOVEMENT during the daytime hours (e.G. Exercise)
  • Getting refreshing SLEEP on a consistent daily basis
  • Receiving exposure to NATURE as often as possible (e.G. Sun, Earth, Air, & Water)
  • Managing STRESS and getting grounded (e.G. Mindfulness practice)

We will explore these and many other topics about your physical body as a component of whole or “holistic” health in upcoming posts, so we welcome YOU and appreciate your presence, and most of all we are grateful you are joining us on this journey as knowledge truly is power and together we truly can make the world a better place…


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