Some of the benefits of coaching include:

  • * Discovering your strengths and building your life around them
  • * Working toward your goals with measurable milestones
  • * Receiving guidance with making good decisions and prioritizing your  actions
  • * Developing self-confidence and a new postive long lasting self-image
  • * Dealing with frustration and set backs in a constructive manner
  • * Eliminating blame, guilt, shame and all other destructive emotions
  • * Improving organization skills and developing new systems
  • * Controlling impulsivity and learning to use it positively
  • * Dealing with procrastination and perfectionism (“2 sides of the same coin”)
  • * Developing good time-management strategies
  • * Improving self- management and self-care

Functioning at Your Highest Level of Personal Productivity and Feeling TRULY HEALTHY

Restoring BALANCE between your personal and professional lives begins by ensuring that your physical body is operating at it’s most optimal state of health, which clears the rested mind and creates greater focus.

Work life (work-life) balance concept. Life coach (career manager) give advice about work-life balance wide composition.

Improvements in work performance, time management, business management, and personal/team effectiveness are all facilitated by a strong body, clear mind, and balanced emotions. Self confidence grows exponentially and practicing self-compassion nourishes the spirit. With a healthy mind, body, and spirit; and self-managed healthy emotions; improvements in your social, professional, and romantic relationships are inevitable and a greater sense of well being and fulfillment becomes your normal state of being.

Self Confidence

Coaching has an Amazingly High Success Rate!!!

General coaching methodologies have resulted in a general incredible success rate of 86%. Holistic Health Coaching, by incorporating all dimensions of health has a 98% success rate. When the client is consistent and committed, great success is inevitable. Let us guide YOU on your personal path to growth, healing, and prosperity NOW…

Value of Coaching


Annual spending on Health Care in the U.S. is now ABOVE $10,000 per person, but those with chronic conditions spend up to $50,000 per annum and have a significantly LOWER QUALITY OF LIFE.

American workers lose an average of 4.6 HOURS each week due to unnecessary problems caused by chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and mental health disorders (to include ADHD, depression, reoccurring panic attacks/anxiety disorders, and various addictions and their compounding health consequences).

If you are self-employed can you AFFORD such a major loss of TIME and MONEY? Or if employed, though you may have health insurance provided are you so irreplaceable or valuable to your employer, that they can suffer such a loss?  In today’s global economy, very few have “job security”.

The intangible costs of damaging relationships with your family, romantic partner, co-workers, friends, and clients/customers are often just as great. Emotional extremes or “highs & lows” as a result of excess internal and environmental stressors , can also have a negative impact on your physical health, mental well being, and various personal and professional relationships.

Cost and Value Concept abstract coins piles. Conceptual image for marketing analysis.

Some of the most successful athletes, musicians, and business people have professional coaches that maximize the impact their efforts and hard work have, saving them time, money, and a limitless amount of needless frustration.


If you keep doing what you’ve always done… expect to keep getting what you’ve always gotten…

Physical and mental health costs, lost work productivity, emotional health challenges, and strains on personal and professional relationships can cost you everything you have…

Professional coaching from a compassionate experienced individual who’s “been there” and most importantly who “gets you”, is not only affordable and time efficient; but it may also be the best investment you’ve ever made for your overall health and productivity. Find out more about how to live the life you deserve, and start moving FORWARD towards your goals