***Registration for the next 2017 ADHD Group Workshop Series is NOW OPEN**

Group Workshops for Adults with ADHD

Have you received a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD? (OR, Do you think that perhaps YOU, a friend, family member, or co-worker may have ADD/ADHD?***

If you know you have ADHD, are you taking medication, but still feel that something is still “missing”? Does life feel like a constant STRUGGLE? Do you ever feel like “giving up” because the stress is overwhelming, or no one really understands what you’re going through? Or do you perhaps just feel the PAIN of not functioning at your FULL POTENTIAL?

Initially finding out you have ADD/ADHD can be both intimidating as well as a relief. NOW you know the reason why life has been challenging for so much of your life. NOW you have a “label” for that daily sense of frustration at not being able to do things at your optimal level of effectiveness. A greater understanding of why you get that paralyzing feeling of being completely overwhelmed with your work or the routine tasks of your daily life. You may even suspect that ADHD has something to do with that heavy feeling of shame, or guilt for not being able to perform or contribute to things like “everyone else” around you.

Do you ever imagine what it would be like to live a life that feels manageable and productive? Or one where you feel a greater sense of calm and control? Would you like to feel more energy to enable you to live a more fulfilled and satisfying life? Would you like to create and implement customized systems and routines that work for YOU that could last you a life time? The key to ALL of this is, requires an understanding of YOUR unique “type” of ADD/ADHD, how to optimize your physical BRAIN, how to figure out strategies that work for your MIND based on your innate STRENGTHS, and how you can become aware of your EMOTIONS and manage them effectively to your advantage.

Welcome to MASTERING ADHD, a 6 session series of group workshops created to empower you with knowledge about what exactly ADHD is, how you can manage your symptoms and harness the power that comes with it,  and how you can MOVE FORWARD in creating an amazing new life you never thought possible before…

What will procrastinating any further cost you?

What would having the power to better manage your ADHD do for your life?

How Adult ADHD Groups Work

Group Workshops for Adults with ADHD offer an amazing and invaluable opportunity to learn as much as possible about the latest research on ADHD and the variety of ways to manage it in an educational, supportive, and dynamic small group environment that is powerfully impactful yet very cost effective* Amongst the various materials covered are the following:

A. ADHD Traits, Strengths, & Strategies

B. Multifactorial Causes & Biochemical Individuality

C. Discovering Strengths & Understanding Processing Styles

D. Identifying unsatisfied Needs, unrecognized Obstacles, & Boundaries

E. Exploring Values, Passions, Purposes, & Visions

F. Creating Strategies, Strong Habits, and Customized Systems for Success

During this workshop series, you will not only learn all about your ADHD, but you will also learn how to optimize your brain  function, capitalize on your  strengths, understand how YOUR unique brain learns and processes information, discover what obstacles are keeping you from success, develop strategies and systems that work uniquely for you, and learn how to live a BALANCED & FULFILLED LIFE.

In addition due to the special dynamics of a small group environment you will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of your peers, share at your discretion with others who can relate to you, and benefit exponentially from having multiple minds and personalities that contribute to the strength of the group.


  • -The group will meet once or twice a week in a small private setting for a total of 6 sessions, that will consist of information packed presentations lasting approximately 60 minutes with a 10 minute interactive voluntary discussion session to follow as time permits.
  • -Group members are encouraged to take notes, and a differing amount of tools and resources will be provided after each session as it pertains to each subject being presented.
  • -The group will meet either in the evenings or afternoons (Please contact us for information on current availability)


  • -You will receive weekly reminders and e-mail support to answer any questions on information that was taught in between workshop sessions

  • -Each group member will be invited to a private Facebook group that can be used as a confidential forum for questions, discussions, brainstorming, and peer feedback.

  •  -Individual therapy and/or coaching sessions can be arranged as an “add-on” service for those who would find personalized guidance of  additional value

*Due to the group dynamic and time efficient pace of learning, individual issues can not be addressed effectively in the workshop except briefly during the discussion session. Group workshops are a very cost effective way to learn as much as possible in the shortest period of time. If you prefer to meet with us as an individual for “1 ON 1” sessions, please contact us for more details.


  • -Each group will be limited to 6 members. Please inform us if you would prefer the evening or afternoon schedule (exact times and location to be announced soon). Our smaller groups provide for a better learning experience, and create a stronger group dynamic. Groups will meet at least once a week in both Orlando and Tampa in a convenient central location. Space is limited at each location and time slot so we recommend that you register early.

  • Group workshops for PARENTS, SPOUSES, or other Family Members of individuals with ADHD to be launched soon. The last group for family members filled up in less than 1 week so please contact us to preregister ASAP.

In order to participate in Mastering ADHD, you must meet the following requirements:

  • -You must have a diagnosis of ADHD or be experiencing ADHD symptoms (to include anxiety, depression, etc)*

  • -Have a positive attitude and open inquisitive mind

  • -Be open to different viewpoints, sharing any struggles and/or successes, and listening to others without judgment or interruptions.

  • -Be committed to the learning process and be consistent on taking action on lessons learned.

How to Register

  • -The registration fee for the first  2017 Group Workshop Series is NOW $495 ($300 Savings off the normal $795 rate for a limited time)

  • In some cases, your health insurance provider may cover all or most of these fees. Contact us for more information.

  • -Please call or CONTACT US TODAY by submitting a contact form at the below link.

This was an outstanding program to say the least. I had no idea that so many factors could cause or worsen ADHD. I come from a family of emotional eaters where obesity is common, and I am guilty of using alcohol and MJ to take the edge off the Adderall at night. I thought this to just be a necessary evil as well as vicious cycle but I couldn’t think of any alternatives. I had no idea how much more I was compounding the problem. Just by making a few nutritional changes and learning what organization tactics work for me, I’ve done much better in school but what’s more valuable is that I don’t feel that agitating anxious feeling every day. So far…so good. – Charles V.

This is a game changer for all ADDers out there. If you thought amphetamine meds and counseling were the only options out there, you thought wrong. ADHD affects your mind, body, social relationships, career opportunities and more. The session on strengths and processing styles blew me away. In spite of that fact that I feel I lost years with little results, I finally feel like I’m in control of my future instead of being a “victim” for this disease. Thanks guys – Robert B.

What an amazing and enlightening experience! I learned more about myself and my ADHD in your workshops than what I’d learned in dozens of books, webinars, conferences, etc. My biggest take-away was the emotional aspect of ADHD. I now know how to deal with the bursts of anger, exhausting hopelessness, and crying spells. My emotions were the biggest obstacle to my holding and transitioning my attention and focus. I’m excited about learning more about the nutritional strategies soon too. My family can already see the improvement I’ve made, and I’m confident that this is just the beginning – Colleen M.