How does ADHD coaching work?

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ADHD Coaches support their clients in developing a comprehensive understanding of both the nature of ADHD and the impact of ADHD on their client’s quality of life. In addition, ADHD coaches work with clients to create solid structures, set up support systems, develop innovative skills, and implement personalized strategies to help them move forward with more fulfilled and satisfying lives. Coaching assists clients with ADHD to stay focused on their goals, confidently face obstacles, and address core ADHD-related issues such as the following:

  • – time management challenges
  • – poor organization
  • – low self-esteem & low self-awareness
  • – perfectionism & procrastination
  • – extreme “black and white thinking”
  • – emotional regulation & constant “overwhelm”
  • – mental rumination
  • – poor performance under pressure
  • – hypersensitivity to environment

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The Value of a New Awareness

The ability to shift attention and the fluid ability to change perspectives are the keys to success. Watch the video above to witness this concept in action. How did you do? What emotion are you feeling now?

What is ADHD Coaching?

What do you want most in life? What is missing? Where are you “stuck”? What would help move you forward?

ADHD coaching is a unique coaching specialty that utilizes generally accepted standards and proven methodologies of professional coaching and takes into account the unique “brain wiring” of the ADHD mind and it’s flood of negative emotions.

Our approach to ADHD coaching is revolutionary as we incorporate holistic health coaching practices in ensuring the individual is well balanced in mind, body, and spirit. We are the leading experts in nutritional brain health in the ADHD coaching community, as a healthy body and brain allow for a cleared and focused mind. We pay particular attention to emotional health, with the understanding that emotional blocks are a key component of ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Finally we look at the important “work-life” balance in exploring the impact that personal and work relationships, and one’s chosen vocation can have on ADHD.

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Fix the BRAIN, and the MIND becomes CLEAR

ADHD coaching creates an ongoing partnership that helps individuals suffering with the challenges of ADHD to move forward and live more effective and satisfying lives by deepening their learning of themselves (body, mind, and spirit) and their external environment, improving their productivity at work or school, strengthening their professional and personal relationships, and enhancing their quality of life by keeping it in BALANCE.

Clients with ADHD have the same fundamental needs as any coaching client, yet they also face unique challenges related to ADHD, which can interfere with their daily functioning and productivity. These challenges might include hyperactivity (physical restlessness OR mental “chatter”), impulsivity, distractability and/or inattention, as well a myriad of subconsciously based self-limiting beliefs that sabotage them on a subconscious level from reaching their goals and pursuing their dreams.

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The individual is seen by the ADHD coach as “whole and resourceful” and thus, with increasing self-awareness and guidance, they are fully and competently capable of discovering unique customized solutions to their life’s challenges. The coach’s job is to facilitate the coaching process, and to support the individual in creatively formulating custom made solutions for maximum impact.

ADHD Coaching also helps the individual to accomplish the following:

  • – Understand that the source of many of their challenges is ADHD, not character flaws or moral defects.
  • – Safely examine areas of “failures” to learn invaluable lessons and overcome similar future obstacles.
  • -Define challenging areas where they want to be held accountable.
  • – Heighten self-awareness and self-observation skills, and use those heightened skills to improve decision-making and performance.
  • – Change perspectives when “stuck” (i.e. learning new ways to work with procrastination, perfectionism, staying on task, transitioning between tasks or being more consistent.)
  • – Become aware of their own unique learning styles, processing styles and learning preferences so they can enhance their ability to learn and comprehend more information.

ADHD Coaching can be an important part of a comprehensive treatment program for individuals with ADHD . The coaching process initiates and encourages taking ownership and self- responsibility. Coaching is individually customized to the unique needs of the individual and action-focused, so the client can work to build productive new habits, systems, and routines that enable the individual to lead the most fulfilling life possible.

What makes your ADHD Coaching program different than others?

We understand that having ADHD has as much to do with your EMOTIONS as it does with your ability to keep and transition your ATTENTION. Learning how to understand, manage, and even pause to notice your emotions “in the moment” are critical to success and a sense of inner-peace. There are several excellent ADHD coaching programs that recognize this and factor this in to their coaching.

We also deeply understand; however, that BRAIN HEALTH, has a major impact on the severity of ADHD symptoms and behaviors. It is for this reason that our coaching also includes consultations on the nutritional and environmental factors that affect the brain. If the brain of the physical body is detoxified and provided with all the proper balance of nutrients that enable it to work at it’s utmost capacity, it logically follows that the mind can also function at it’s best. Our protocol for brain health is unmatched due to our background in nutritional therapy, which works synergistically with our coaching of the mind and emotions. This is a TRUE holistic approach that WORKS in the long term and provides for maximum impact of all lessons learned; moreover, it accelerates the pace of progress and builds greater momentum.

Value of ADHD Coaching


Annual spending on Health Care in the U.S. is now ABOVE $10,000 per person, but those with chronic conditions spend up to $50,000 per annum and have a significantly LOWER QUALITY OF LIFE.

American workers lose an average of 4.6 HOURS each week due to unnecessary problems caused by chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and mental health disorders (to include ADHD, depression, reoccurring panic attacks/anxiety disorders, and various addictions and their compounding health consequences).

If you are self-employed can you AFFORD such a major loss of TIME and MONEY? Or if employed, though you may have health insurance provided by your company, are you so irreplaceable or valuable to your employer, that they can suffer such a loss?  In today’s global economy, very few have “job security”.

The intangible costs of damaging relationships with your family, romantic partner, co-workers, friends, and clients/customers are often just as great. Emotional extremes or “highs & lows” as a result of excess internal and environmental stressors , can also have a negative impact on your physical health, mental well being, and various personal and professional relationships. Finally, the power of having a MIND that is your servant, and NOT your master is an asset that is wholly transformative for those of us with ADHD.

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Did you know? Some of the most successful athletes, musicians, and business people have professional coaches that maximize the impact that their efforts and hard work have, saving them time, money, and a limitless amount of needless energy and frustration.


If you keep doing what you’ve always done… expect to keep getting what you’ve always gotten…

Physical and mental health costs, lost work productivity, emotional health challenges, and strains on personal and professional relationships can cost you everything you have…

Professional ADHD coaching from a compassionate experienced individual who’s personally lived with ADHD and turned a “liability” into an ASSET is invaluable. It is particularly important in ADHD coaching to work with a coach who “gets you”, and whose personal style resonates with you. Working with an ADHD coach is not only affordable and time efficient; but it may also be the best investment you’ve ever made for your overall health and productivity. Find out more about how to live the life you deserve, and start moving FORWARD towards your goals