Our Team


James Name 1

My name is James, and I’m sincerely appreciative of your desire to get to know more about me. There is a tremendous amount of power in vulnerability, so this is my story. Starting in 2008 after the “Great Recession” took hold and my life was seemingly torn apart before me, I began on a long and difficult journey to obtain the answer to many questions that could be summarized by one seemly simple yet profound question…


At the time my body had become weakened from several factors including addictively working long 10 to 12 hour days, eating poorly and infrequently, drinking excessively, and becoming a social recluse out of a sense of frustration and shame. My mind was unfocused, impulsive, and mired down with repetitive destructive negative thoughts. Worst of all my spirit felt dull and dead inside; as my zest for life had completely disintegrated. I felt lost on many levels, both distraught and angry that our current health care system could offer me no comfort nor long-lasting solutions. Instead they put me on 13 different potent psychotropic prescription medications (up to 6 at one time), racked up the bills with often unnecessary office visits and hospital admissions (that cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars), and worst of all these health “professionals” led me to believe that I was permanently ill (in fact I had a “DISEASE”, a few of them apparently) and in addition I would require a lifetime of treatment, therapy and of course very expensive DRUGS. This was my personal “rock bottom” that sparked an eventual spiritual reawakening after years of resistant suffering and eventually this began my quest to become truly healthy, happy, and whole.


I felt guided to quit my former “high stress / money driven” career and go on a transformational journey of sorts that would take me to such places as Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Spain, Australia, Canada, and Bali as well as across the U.S. to learn everything I possibly could about organic nutrition, exercise science, environmental science, psychology, sociology, spirituality, stress management, epigenetics and neuroscience.
There were numerous challenges and failures along the way, which I am now grateful for as they allowed me to learn valuable lessons and grow immensely. I am also grateful for the knowledge and inspiration I received from some of the most brilliant minds and compassionate hearts in the world. It was during this journey that I finally discovered what MY gifts were, and thus I felt driven to share them with those in this world who are tired of living in pain, who have opened their minds and hearts, and who are both motivated and inspired to heal themselves naturally without the need to become dependent on others or drugs in the long term. To show them the universal truth that the power to heal is already within each and every one of us.


Once you learn how to detoxify and strengthen your body and with a healthy brain then clear the clutter and negativity out of your mind, your spirit will shine through and align with your burning desire to be healthy, whole, and full of joy. It is much simpler than you could possibly think…

Sarah Name 1

Hello!  My name is Sarah and I began my interest in food at an early age.  I became interested in learning the best fruits and vegetables to nourish my body, and the importance of the nutritional values of each piece of food.

After going through some health problems, and becoming frustrated with the conventional way doctors wanted to treat my illness, I took it upon myself to find alternative treatments. I now treat my illness through exercise and nutrition, fully embracing the method of healing through foods.

Now, having fully embraced a more balanced way of living through healthy food choices, exercise and other alternative medicine such as meditation, I am completely healthy and happy.  After healing myself with these methods, I began to realize my love for nutrition, and wanted to help others become healthier and live better lives through healthy lifestyle changes.

I am passionate about having a healthy lifestyle, and following your dreams in life.  I recently lived in Europe for over 5 years and continue to practice some of the cultural ways of life I learned there.  They enjoy their food, and take the time to relax and enjoy many of life’s little moments.  These are life lessons I am glad I brought back home with me.

I have trained across Canada and Europe and am now a certified Nutritional Therapist, who helps many clients achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.

*Sarah is not an employee of Serendipitous Solutions LLC, but receives referrals as an independent contractor. Sarah is ONLY taking clients in Canada or the U.K. at this time.

Nikki Name 1

My name is Nicole, and as Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, I’m extremely passionate about what I do. In fact, this passion started early on and I feel like I’ve always had a knack for helping people.

Currently, I’m the owner of NDP Counseling Services, LLC. My company has been successfully serving clients for nearly half a decade now. Previously, I worked as a mental health counselor for many other reputable practices, including Journeys End Counseling and Kinder Konsulting & Parents Too.

I have a natural ability to get even the most resistant of clients to open up in session. Insofar as my area of expertise, I specialize in working with teens and children who suffer from either developmental disabilities or behavioral disorders. My comprehensive approach is holistic in nature, and I even provide outreach support for families.

As for my pastimes, staying healthy in both mind and body is really important to me. I enjoy reading thought-provoking books, cycling, meditative yoga, and healthy cooking.

It’s safe to say that I’m really dedicated and compassionate towards my clients and would love to work with you! I’m now accepting clients in Central Florida, so please call me to schedule an appointment! And for those who speak Spanish, Se habla Español.

**Nicole is not an employee of Serendipitous Solutions LLC, but receives referrals as an independent contractor. Nicole is the owner-operator of NDP Counseling Services LLC and a licensed mental health counselor