The 4 Steps to Recovering Your Optimal State of Health

Step 1

Strengthen and Nourish Your BodyIndigo_BODY

Step 2

Clear and Focus Your MindIndigo_MIND

Step 3

Refresh and Nurture Your SpiritIndigo_SPIRIT

Step 4

Clean and Repair Your EnvironmentIndigo_ENVIRONMENT

What exactly is Whole or Holistic Health?

How Does Holistic Health Coaching Work?

Strengthen the Inner Physical Body

First we start by Detoxifying, Nourishing, & Training your Body

Your body is your vessel in this physical world, an intricate bio-chemical and bio-electrical machine capable of amazing self-repair and incredible physical feats. To start with we must DETOXIFY it from the unnatural toxins that have accumulated in it,  NOURISH it with the pure natural foods it was designed to use as fuel, and TRAIN it as the strong fit moving vehicle it was designed to be. Click HERE to learn more

Clear & Focus the Conscious Mind

Second we work together to Clear & Focus your Mind

Your mind is an amazingly complex energetic field, and your primary instrument in sensing and processing information from your external and internal environments. The mind is the gateway between your environment, body, and spirit via your e-motions and subsequent thoughts. As your beliefs are made up of thoughts you simply think often over time, we must eliminate any and all self-limiting beliefs and manage the accompanying emotions they stimulate.

Once you are living in integrity with your core values and utilizing your top character strengths,  pursuing a life full of passion and purpose your mind will work FOR YOU and not against you. With commitment, compliance, consistency, and enthusiasm your mind will be the powerful force it was meant to be and a new world will be opened up to you. Click HERE to learn more

Refresh & Nurture the Human Spirit (via Subconscious)

Third we endeavor to Nurture & Connect with Your Spirit

This is the most challenging and controversial state of health to define, with explanations that span from the devoutly religious to the esoteric. Regardless of your personal beliefs, there is a deeply energetically palpable “sense” of your Human Spirit or “Higher Self”. There are no words that exist in any language on earth that can explain the magnitude and perfection of this part of your whole Being.

What we can probably all agree on, is when you FEEL spiritually healthy and full of enthusiasm (Enthusiasm coming from the Greek word, “Entheos” or the “God Within”) you FEEL GREAT and excited about all the beautiful things there are to experience in life. This is your NATURAL state of being, and by discovering what works best for you we will nourish your Spirit and thus enable you to feel more ALIVE. Click HERE to learn more

Clean & Repair the External Environment

Lastly we will build you a Clean, Safe, & Energizing Environment

Your physical environment to include the water, air, earth, and sun exposure your physical body receives is critical to the health of your body, mind, and spirit. By cleansing and restoring your environment to it’s simple natural state your other states of health will improve in synergy.

Your environment includes your HOME and WORK environments where most people spend the majority of their time. These environments must ENERGIZE you, and with the proper modifications can do so and make a noticeable difference in your life. Click HERE to learn more

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The 6 Components of Optimum Physical Health


Eating the proper nutrients and drinking adequate amounts of pure clean water is key to our survival and emotional sense of well-being. There is no “one size fits all” solution, as macro-nutrient and especially micro-nutrient needs are unique to the individual. The vast majority of the general population, most fitness professionals, and even “diet gurus” that claim to have a standardized “boiler plate” solution to good nutrition do so with the best of intentions but unfortunately fall short. This is why the diet industry is worth $64 Billion! You weren’t meant to succeed and relapse to poor health was inevitable. With a customized approach tailored to YOU as an individual, excellent long-lasting health can finally be obtained and good natural foods can be enjoyed as they were meant to be!!!


The human body was designed to be in a state of almost constant upright motion during our waking hours. Most of us however, live very sedentary lifestyles sitting for most of the day. Aside from slowing down your metabolism and setting the stage for obesity; sitting around all say can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. Daily exercise is just as important for the brain as it is for the rest of the body surprisingly enough, and has been referred to as “the world’s best anti-depressant” also slowing down age-related cognitive decline and dementia. In regards to exercise, it really is all about working SMARTER and not necessarily harder with intermittent bursts of physical movement throughout your day!!!


Ideally all vital nutrients would be provided by the whole natural foods we eat, and indeed less than a century ago this was in case in most of the world. Due to soil depletion caused by environmental pollution and commercial conventional farming; however, only 3 to 5 of the 70 trace minerals are making their way up the food chain. In addition, plant foods (and thus the animals that consume plants) are highly deficient in important organic vitamins, in many cases having only a fraction of what these fruits and vegetables had in past decades. The only true solution is to grow all of your own food in organic vitamin and mineral rich soil; however this is impractical for the majority of us. It is for this reason that carefully selected nutritional supplements be added to our diets as needed. In addition, there are a variety of nutrient-rich “super foods”, medicinal plants, fungi, and other microorganisms that can be supplemented to repair the damage done by our modern toxic environment which in many cases have been safely used for hundreds of years.


“Mindfulness” has a variety of definitions, yet it’s core essence remains the same. When you take the time to PAUSE throughout your day and experience life through your senses in the PRESENT MOMENT free of judgment or labels, you enjoy a freedom to disconnect from the constant “chatter” of the mind and bathe in the indescribably comforting energy connection between SPIRIT and BODY via the 5 Senses. This is when you are in an authentic state of feeling ALIVE and AT PEACE. This can be experienced in a formal still meditation practice where tremendous insights can arise, or while in motion doing yoga, washing the dishes, taking a shower, or enjoying time outdoors in harmony with nature. This is the essence of your spiritual Being enjoying it’s human learning experience.


Sleep is perhaps the most culturally unappreciated yet vital component of complete health. Aside from simple rest or relaxation, deep sleep heals both the mind and body. It refreshes the conscious mind by allowing it to disconnect from the body, and allowing the subconscious and “super-conscious” minds to perform a variety of essential functions we are only just starting to understand. Sleep is the time when the body repairs itself and grows, which is essential for boosting the immune system, balancing hormone levels , detoxifying the blood and organs, and regulating appetite. In addition, sleep strengthens the bran by improving memory, balancing mood, and boosting creativity. In order to optimize the healing quality of sleep, good “sleep hygiene” must be practiced and the body’s natural Circadian Rhythm must be adhered to. Aside from all the abundance of health benefits we all know nothing feels more REFRESHING than a good night of sleep!!!


Making time to commune with NATURE is essential to your heath and sense of well-being, though a challenge indeed in our modern world. The human body thrives in big open spaces, and exchanges energy from both the sun and earth. In addition, our peaceful coexistence with the plant kingdom not only allows for an exchange of nutrients but our mutual existence is dependent upon exchanging respiratory gases such as oxygen for carbon dioxide and vice versa. We are spending far too much time indoors, often in front of screens, with excessive amounts of time sitting or laying down. As a result we are not getting enough sun and clean fresh air, and synthetic flooring and other construction materials are both filling the air with toxins and allergens as well as blocking our contact with the earth. Regardless of whether one enjoys time in the mountains, the woods, the beach, a city park, or in their small personal garden; we need to spend more time in nature to keep our bodies in optimal health, to clear our overburdened minds, and to revive and refresh our spiritual essence. It is essential for all dimensions of our health that we spend as much time as possible in harmony with nature.

Products That Make Life Better

Clean drinking water is absolutely critical for optimal physical health. Tap water is contaminated with a variety of toxic chemicals in most areas. Bottled water can be quite expensive long term, is a hassle to transport, and often picks up contaminants from the plastic it is stored in. An affordable counter top water distillation unit is one of the best investments a health conscious person can make, which is why we recommend the following: CLICK HERE

Inspiration Of The Moment

Although the exact origin of this quote is obscure, the message is clear. Ultimately your personal DESTINY is formed over time by the simple thoughts you choose to think. Endeavor to catch negative thoughts the moment they begin, and CHOOSE to think positive thoughts. This may involve exploring another viewpoint or perspective, or perhaps looking for the LESSON you are to learn in any negative experience, or even forgiving others or YOURSELF. So next time you feel negative, identify what thought ignited that emotion and allow it to drift away. The following acronym maybe useful next time you catch yourself feeling negative:

W — Watch your WORDS
A — Watch your ACTIONS
T — Watch your THOUGHTS
C — Watch your CHARACTER
H — Watch your HABITS

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Last time we asked our readers about their dietary preferences. Given our nutritional recommendations, the only category including grains (e.G. wheat) was the last one above; and the inclusion of some dairy foods may apply to all categories aside from vegan. We appreciate your honesty (especially the last category), and look forward to sharing the results of our next survey with you soon!

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Monthly Interview with James

Serendipitous Solutions: James, could you take a moment to explain what “holistic health” means? Many of us have heard the term, but may not quite understand it.

James: Sure. holistic or “whole” health is the purest and most complete of state of health where one’s body, mind, spirit, emotions, environment, relationships, and chosen vocation are in BALANCE. All of these dimensions affect one another, and are thus parts of the whole YOU.

Serendipitous Solutions: So if one of these “dimensions” of health is imbalanced, it can affect the others? Could you give an example?

James: Absolutely. If your brain (the physical BODY) does not receive the proper balanced nutrients it requires from your ENVIRONMENT, then the MIND will often be unfocused and “scattered”. Aside from this “brain fog” that is all too common in many these days, the EMOTIONS can also become unstable (i.e. mood swings) as the body will not have the nutrients needed to keep vital neurotransmitters balanced in the gut and brain.

Serendipitous Solutions: So the body, mind, environment, and emotions can all affect one another?

James: Exactly, any one of these dimensions of health can support or harm one or more of the others. Let me provide two more examples. Negative emotions trapped at the cellular level such as shame, fear, or anger can cause physical diseases if not recognized and cleared from the body. Similarly, a cluttered home or work environment can unknowingly drain precious mental energy, effecting the mind unknowingly.

Serendipitous Solutions: Fascinating! What about our social relationships or vocation? How do these fit in?

James: I’m glad you asked that, so I’ll integrate the remaining dimensions of health. Here are two more examples. If you are staying in a job that drains you emotionally and often also physically; one where you are unable to work from your true strengths and where you feel you are unable to make a contribution to the life of others while supporting yourself financially, then you will feel out of alignment with your spiritual energy and your emotional, mental, and physical health at a minimum will most likely suffer. Similarly if you are staying in an unloving or abusive relationship due to the “comfort” and/or security it provides then your emotional, spiritual, mental, and finally possibly even physical health can suffer. They are all intertwined.